What You Will Learn

    • Mindset: Development of the traders’ state of mind.
      Conquering Self-limiting beliefs.
      Developing the winning psychology over the market.
    • Management: Learn how to manage your capital.
      Best profitable trading and money management strategy.
      Understanding institutional order flow.
    • Operational: Basics of trading.
      How to determine the direction to trade any pair.
      Candlestick psychology
    • Extra value added: Life time support + Video packs and resource materials.
      After classes, you’d embark on a Project in Real account and I wil supervise you.

    Course Description

    Do you win in demo but when you switch on to a live account, you freeze and start losing money, crack the code now, by joining Kenny Earn Mentorship Program. You’d grow through a market efficiency paradigm moving you from the 95% of traders’ that are losing money into the 5% that are consistently profitable.

    Course Content

    Day 1
    Elements Of A Trade Setup – Price Delivery Algorithm
    Day 2
    Basics of Trading – Candlestick Patterns & Psychology
    Day 3
    Understanding Technical Analysis - Drawing Key levels and Fibonacci Retracement
    Day 4
    Power 4 Strategy
    Day 5
    How to Predict the Next Candlestick Confidently
    Day 6
    Emotional trading: Developing the trader state of mind
    Day 7
    Becoming a Profitable Trader
    Day 8
    Best time to trade - Live Candlestick Prediction
    Day 9
    Real Live Trading w/Kennyearn: Next Market Direction with Power 4
    Day 10
    Live Market 1-minute Candlestick Analysis and Trading
    Course date: 27th May - 7th June 2024 - 10 Working days
    Course fee: $149
    Venue: Zoom
    Time: 4:30pm WAT
    Duration: 1hr 30mins
    Registration Deadline: 26th May 2024
    VIP Session available for individuals who need self-paced learning ($269)
    No refund policy
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